Sunset at Tithal….

_99A6940The western coast of India at Gujarat is known for its beautiful tidal beaches and lovely sunsets….. of course, one cannot see the sun rise over the sea here…._99A6934Tithal Beach is a tidal beach situated in the town of Valsad in Gujrat. With its black sand and black rocks, this beach is spectacular……


London Diaries – Contrails…..


London Heathrow Airport (LHR) is one of the busiest airports in the world, connecting several continents…. and this fact is evident when you see the contrails of the aeroplanes crisscrossing the winter morning sky…..

KL Sunrise

The first time I saw a sunrise over the ocean was when I went to New Zealand…. We were flying somewhere beside the south coast of Australia and saw the sun rise over the ocean…. I think it was one of the most inspiring sights I saw…..

Ever since then, as we say in India, the keeda (insect / bug) has gotten into my head and every time I think there is a chance of seeing a sunrise, I actually plan my seat so that I can see it Smile


This was one of the pics I captured as we were approaching Kuala Lampur  International ….


And yet another one Smile