Upside down…

Come morning and the ground is littered with the sweet smelling blossoms of the Parijat (Nyctanthes arbor-tristis – Night flowering jasmine) tree…. the flowers are lovely, with bright orange stems and white petals… and the smell is intoxicating…


Thought for the day

Such a beautiful lesson


A Man was travelling in a train with a 6 year kid… they both were reading books….

It seemed unbelievable to most of the fellow passengers.

Then one of them asked… “Sir in today’s world the kids play with smartphone and this kid is reading. How come he is not playing with a phone or a tablet? How come he listens to you and how did you make him do that?”

To this the man calmly replied “Sir, kids do not listen to us but they sure do copy us.”

A small sentence… a deep meaning.

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4 Top Myths about Women and Courtship!

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In this post, we are going to clarify the role of women in courtship, whether they are active or passive in the process of wooing a partner, as well as their attitude to romance, whether they are more romantic than men and suffer more than them following a breakup of a romantic relationship.

It is widely believed in urban societies that women are more romantic than men and that they do not initiate the process of courtship. It is assumed by many that men must always initiate courtship. The women are expected to just wait for male initiatives and passively choose whose seductions and proposals from their suitors they would accept to become their boyfriends. Since women tend to read novels and romantic stories, it is also assumed that they are more romantic and that they would suffer more than men…

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11 Biggest Signs that Women are in Love with Men

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SOCIOLOGICALLY YOURS, Dr. Vivencio (Ven) Ballano



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In this post, we will identify and describe briefly the popular nonverbal signs and indirect verbal moves by women to show that they want a romantic relationship with some men. Women are actually active in courtship, albeit in an indirect or implicit way, their invitations are primarily done through nonverbal signs or body language.

We have already established in my previous post entitled “4 Top signs about Women and Courtship” that women are not really passive in the process of courtship. In fact, they generally initiate courtship by making the first nonverbal moves to woo their men. Women do implicitly court men through the movements of their eyes, showing of their sexy physical features, providing symbolic actions that suggest they have a crush on certain guys, or indirect verbal moves to show their targets that they want a romantic intimacy with them.

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