Habit Building During These Lockdown To Maintain Immunity !


It costs money to stay healthy, but it’s expensive to get sick

Lockdown due to corona infection has affected normal routines.Physical inactivity has also increased due to continuous stay in the house for long time and the closure of outdoor activities, due to which the digestive system is deteriorating in people and problems of constipation, acidity, stomach heaviness and indigestion have increased.

Eat Healthy

The advice of the Ministry of Ayush to follow the advisory to avoid infection of Covid-19 simply means that you have to keep immunity strong during lockdown.This is possible only when your routine is well-organized and the digestive system will function smoothly.Consuming lukewarm water is a better solution in this direction.According to Ayurveda, by ingesting some common things in food, the digestive system remains active, which keeps your immunity strong.Most people drink cold water after meals, which makes the digestive system sluggish.Absorption, assimilation, metabolism and digestion…

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