10 Things to Do Prior to Traveling Internationally that Some People Forget

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Planning a trip is a fun process as you investigate where to stay, what to see, and make travel arrangements. However, if you are traveling internationally, there are several things that you should be sure to do in addition to the actual planning of the trip itself. Some of these things need to be done several weeks in advance, so be sure to consider them as part of your planning process. They are simple steps that could help you avoid your trip of a lifetime from turning into the disaster of a lifetime.

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  1. Check Visa and Passport Requirements – Be sure to see whether the country you are visiting requires a tourist visa in order to enter and how long the visa will be valid. There are usually requirements as to how many blank pages you need to have in your passport as…

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10 Instagram Themes That Will Seriously Make Your Feed Stand Out | Thought Catalog

10 Instagram Themes That Will Seriously Make Your Feed Stand Out | Thought Catalog
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25 Incredible countries Indians can visit under INR 50k

25 Incredible countries Indians can visit under INR 50k

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Kadalai Mittai / Peanuts jaggery chikki

One of my favorite sweets….

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peanut mittai

Kadalai Mittai is a healthy and a high Protein delicacy prepared using natural ingredients like peanuts,jaggery and cardamom powder.A zero sugar and zero oil sweet recipe that one could enjoy without any guilt.Peanuts provide rich energy for growing children.
Nowadays children are getting so addicted to unhealthy ,junk foods with high sugar level and empty calories.These kadalai mittais are prepared using jaggery which sweetens the food in a healthy manner and provides good amount of minerals. Lets make this wonderful sweet for our children and others at home that is not only healthy but delicious too.



YIELDS : 16*

verkadalai mittai


1 cup peanuts

3/4 cups crushed jaggery

1/4 cup water

1/2 tsp cardamom powder

peanut mitai


Take a up of roasted peanuts with skins removed.Take the crushed jaggery, water in a pan and bring it to boil.

add water to jaggery

Let it boil in…

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Pineapple Squash Recipe

Sounds like it’s a great drink…

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Having a craving for Pineapple? Try this simple squash recipe with just two ingredients that is so perfect for summer time.A ripe and juicy pineapple is delicious just sliced up but it’s even better in a squash.Homemade squashes are easy to make and are free from artificial flavours and preservatives.
A beautiful yellow colored drink that you can make yourself with just 2 ingredients.This one goes down great in parties.Serve the sweet,fruity squash in a highball glass over some ice cubes and you can garnish them with some pineapple chunks.
Homemade squashes are always better than store bought ones.Only the preparation takes time but it is so easy to serve by mixing one part of thick squash with 2-3 parts of water.The next time you feel tired, instead of grabbing a cup coffee or tea, pour yourself a glass of pineapple squash to get an instant boost of energy.


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