The boatman…


It was a moonlit night with clear skies, and we were sitting on a solitary boat that was moving on the Yamuna River at Vrindavan…., and in the distance we  kept hearing the evening aarti’s at the various temples lining the river bank and then we spied this shadow following us…. grazing the various sand banks seen in the river….


Once upon a time, in Har Ki Dun

I loved the place as well and could not help but reblog what you have written, beautiful….


20161031_150115 Campsite: Har Ki dun UNEDITED!

I was standing under the light of a thousand stars. At a far distance, I could see the burning flames of bonfire.The laughter of a group of fellow trekkers and the soft murmuring of river Supin was all I could hear. It was the night of the first snowfall in Har Ki Dun. Wild freezing winds wrapped us all in the arms of nature.

20161031_102655 To the unforgettable skies!

When suddenly, a kitchen helper (bhula, a native word for younger brother) came out of the kitchen tent right next to me. He discovered that the frosty water in the bucket, used to wash utensils, had developed an initial layer of ice. He plunged an ice axe in the bucket to break the thin ice.
And casually started washing utensils with the freezing water.
If you ask me, what I felt in Har Ki Dun, in…

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A Happy New Year….2017


A very dreamy and Happy New Year 2017 to all my friends and fellow bloggers…

2016 was a momentous year, personally, professionally and yes, a momentous year for the country as well, with surgical strikes, demonetisation, and lots of political drama, and yes, the death of amma…

Hopefully, 2017 will see a changed India, with end to black money, competitive real estate prices, end to bank lines, and a more progressive country…

God Bless my Country and take it into a vibrant future

Jai Hind

Whole Roasted Stuffed Chicken

Looks lovely and tasty….

Madraasi - a tamilian tales

I rarely prepare whole roasted chicken, but after the you tube channel, this was my first time in the making of the whole roasted chicken. Just like that thought of preparing the whole roast with stuff for this Christmas and this resulted in my roasted and stuffed whole chicken.

Whole Roasted Stuffed Chicken Whole Roasted Stuffed Chicken

Usually most of us feel this full roast chicken as a very difficult dish, but I would say that it very easy and simple to prepare. The key to this recipe is the marinate mix and the time to marinate. Do check out the video given below for the making, and make your Christmas so special.

CLICK HERE for more Christmas recipes and CLICK HERE for more Chicken Recipes

You can also marinate the chicken overnight, but the stuffing should be done only just before you cook. The chicken was heavenly and we all loved it to…

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Thought for the Day : Was shared by a friend on Whatsapp and I could not help but share it here…

Something that touched my heart:

On my way I found a piece of paper tied to an electric pole, with a small note on it. I was curious to know what was written, hence I went closer and read it.

“I lost Rs. 50 somewhere on the road. If any of you find it, please give it to me at this address. My vision isn’t great, so please help”

I was urged to follow that address and found an old hut in tatters with an old woman sitting outside. She was frail and asked who it was after hearing my footsteps.
I told her that “I found Rs. 50 on the road and so wanted to handover to you”.

She began crying on hearing this. She said “my dear I have had atleast 30-40 people come over and give me Rs. 50 saying they found it on the road. I did not write that note, I cannot even see properly nor do I know to read & write”

I said it’s OK amma, you keep it. She asked me to tear that note off on my way back.

I walked back with a million thoughts as to who could’ve written that note? She would have asked everyone to tear that note but none did, I mentally thanked that person and realised that we just have to feel the need to help, there are so many ways to do it. He/she just wanted to help this old woman who lives alone….

Someone stopped me n asked, “Bro, can you help me with this address? I found a 50 rupee note, want to handover” 🙂

#Humanity continues to be alive

Monsoon Madness


Monsoon Madness – Travelling by train in India opens you out of a vista of rain-washed, chequered fields and  people toiling within…

The rains bring a new lease of life and happiness to the vast majority of the population who rejoice in the rebirth of the parched earth… As Gibran says’

The field and the cloud are lovers
And between them I am a messenger of mercy.
I quench the thirst of one;
I cure the ailment of the other.

It was on one such memorable journey from Danapur to Varanasi, that I spied these women returning to the fields after lunch…..