50 Seemingly Simple Pieces Of Advice That Will Change Your Entire World

50 Seemingly Simple Pieces Of Advice That Will Change Your Entire World

50 Seemingly Simple Pieces Of Advice That Will Change Your Entire World
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The Sandcastle of Life.

Such beautiful thoughts

The World From My Eyes

I always used to wonder the significance of a sandcastle. Every time when I used to see one, the only questions bombing my mind were, “why do people even make them, when they know it’s not going to be permanent?” “Is it only for fun?” “But so much of care, dedication and hard work, only for a fun thing??” Never did I receive any answer from anywhere.

Finally today, my questions have their answers. While I sat down in an attempt of building a castle for myself, I realized, it’s not just a castle for fun, but it’s “the art of life”. Just as the sandcastle, even our lives are temporary. We all know that we are mortal beings. Some day or the other we will have to face the death bed, but before that day, we keep on designing our lives in our own ways.

We imagine of it…

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Sunset at Tithal….

_99A6940The western coast of India at Gujarat is known for its beautiful tidal beaches and lovely sunsets….. of course, one cannot see the sun rise over the sea here…._99A6934Tithal Beach is a tidal beach situated in the town of Valsad in Gujrat. With its black sand and black rocks, this beach is spectacular……

London Diaries – Weathered…


The winter landscape of London is wonderful, and while hiking through one of the many well maintained parks, saw this tree stump, which has weathered many a winter. Seeing tree stumps always makes me sad, it shows that man has again interfered in nature and destroyed another part of it……

To Vietnam: Epilogue

Great details and am reblogging for myself to read in the future as well as to share with friends…

Sen K Photography

Hi there all,

Recently, I and three of my friends, Manas, Ankita and Ritwik, we went to the amazing country of Vietnam. Detailed accounts of the planning, travel, places we visited, food we ate, what we liked, what we didn’t are typed down in the links below:

  1. Prelude
  2. The Planning
  3. Touchdown – Ho Chi Minh City
  4. Ho Chi Minh City and onwards…
  5. Hoi An by the day!
  6. Hoi An by the night!
  7. Hoi An to Hue
  8. Hue
  9. Hue – Imperial Citadel
  10. Hanoi
  11. Ha Long Bay

You can go through each of the above links or find them all at a glance by following this tag: A week in Vietnam.

There are a few things I wanted to add which I felt is necessary to be known to all the travellers who are planning to make the trip:

  • Plan early and plan meticulously. Go through every blog, website, journal and…

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