Monsoon Madness


Monsoon Madness – Travelling by train in India opens you out of a vista of rain-washed, chequered fields and  people toiling within…

The rains bring a new lease of life and happiness to the vast majority of the population who rejoice in the rebirth of the parched earth… As Gibran says’

The field and the cloud are lovers
And between them I am a messenger of mercy.
I quench the thirst of one;
I cure the ailment of the other.

It was on one such memorable journey from Danapur to Varanasi, that I spied these women returning to the fields after lunch…..

Travelling With An E-Visa

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Astonishing India

If I remember correctly, my exposure to travelling to different locations for tourism began at two years of age when my parents traveled to Goa tugging me along on a cruise. While most kids and their parents traveled to grandparents’ home for summer vacations, my parents introduced a new destination every year.

Travelling to new places has not only opened my senses to new experiences but also whetted my appetite for exploring more far off lands. Soon I was sharing my travel stories with friends who would call me up to find out more about the places where I had traveled.

Two years ago in October 2014 I went for my first international trip to USA. I traveled extensively from east to west coast and visited everything from New York, Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Detroit and Niagara Falls. I keep adding more stories to my Travel Tales From America 

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Khajuraho – Breathtaking insight into Temple Architecture

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The snickering of  a few  guys in their twenties, breaks my reverie and forces me to cast a look around.Quite agitated at this interruption I look beside me to see the trio mischievously discussing a beautifully intricate erotic panel on the adhisthaan or the base of the Lakshamana temple.Here I was at the bashful display of erotica at the most unlikely of the places on earth , the Hindu temples,where guides and escorts unapologetically delved more on the explicit details of human anatomy than on Gods and religious significances of the temples,after all, that is what majority of the people visiting these temples for the first time seek.A sight of the celebration of sexual poses blatantly  displayed before the world, rightfully earning them the space in the UNESCO World heritage list.

IMG_8470 Skyline of the Western Group of temples at Khajuraho

The last week of February in a perfect time to visit these exquisite masterpieces of sculptures, in…

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