Sunset at Tithal….

_99A6940The western coast of India at Gujarat is known for its beautiful tidal beaches and lovely sunsets….. of course, one cannot see the sun rise over the sea here…._99A6934Tithal Beach is a tidal beach situated in the town of Valsad in Gujrat. With its black sand and black rocks, this beach is spectacular……


London Diaries – Weathered…


The winter landscape of London is wonderful, and while hiking through one of the many well maintained parks, saw this tree stump, which has weathered many a winter. Seeing tree stumps always makes me sad, it shows that man has again interfered in nature and destroyed another part of it……


All-Time Favorites is the theme for the final week of the Daily Post’s Photo Challenges. For many photographers this week is nostalgic, as we looked forward to the photo prompts and either went out and took photographs or searched our archives….

Anyway, all good things must come to an end, and this is one of them….

I’m posting one of my favourites. The reason this is a favourite is because this is the first photograph of mine to be exhibited and sold….