Lepakshi–the drive

A blog about a trip my wife and me took a few days back 🙂


Located about 120 kilometres north of Bangalore, Lepakshi is a sleepy village in Anathapur District of Andhra Pradesh.

Known for its famous Veerabadhra Temple, this town traces its origins to the Ramayana. Legend has it that, after the abduction of Sita by the Ravana, Jatayu, the vulture tries to stop Ravana, and gets badly injured in the process…

As the vulture lies dying, Ram arrives there, in his pursuit of Ravana. Seeing the stricken bird, Ram says “le pakshi” or ”rise bird” which later on became the name of the place as Lepakshi.

We set out from Yelahanka by about 1500 hrs, hoping to complete the drive in time for some photography in the warm evening light. _99A6084

It was a rainy afternoon and almost the entire journey was accompanied by heavy rain


but there were also brief patches of glorious sunlight which made the roads and the flowers in the…

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