Mittens Ahoy….

It was a hot summer day, people were sweating buckets and here I was with cold hands and a rapidly beating heart….. waiting for the word from within..

The day started as any other, with a hurried rush to get to work and my heavily pregnant wife busy as well. At office I get the call telling me, that the doctor would like to see us posthaste… Delhi’s traffic notwithstanding we reached the doctor in record time and were informed that our little one had decided that waiting was not an option (takes after the mother) and that we needed to get to the hospital for a routine procedure…

Cut to the next scene and there I was like countless other fathers before me, pacing the corridors outside the labour room…. and the wait was mercifully short, or maybe I was in a fugue, and the doctor reappeared, unflappable as ever and informed me that I was the proud father of a baby boy…. 

Blogging, photography and everything has taken a backseat while diapers, feeding times and mittens have become the centre of our world 😊