Web of Life…


Such intricate web’s we build of life,
To capture all it has to offer,

But one breeze of misfortune,
One twig of bad luck,
Rends the web asunder ….

—-Santosh Namby Chandran


An American Down Under: 20 Ways Your Life Changes When You Move to Australia

Would love to have some of this happen at my workplace 😛

Hot Mess Goes To OZ

             Within the past 10 months,  I have been able to compile a reasonable amount of changes that have accompanied my life since  moving to Australia. Moving to a different country is going to bring plenty of additions, revisions, and variations  to ones life, some for the good, and some well… for the bad..Though, obviously not everyone will relate to everything on this list (especially since I am the one writing this) Overall, I think this list paints a clear enough picture.

Here are the main ways and things that impact your life when moving from California to Australia

Working Environment

The working environment in Australia is something I cannot compare to any atmosphere I have worked in at home. Here, I do not worry that my boss is going to freak out  if I am running 10 minutes late. They do not care if you are taking a bit longer on your lunch break. No one is…

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15-02-07 Weekly Travel Theme Photo Challenge (Outside The Lines)

Great links….

The Quotidian Hudson

“Visual ideas combined with technology combined with personal interpretation equals photography. Each must hold its own; if it doesn’t, the thing collapses.”

Arnold Newman

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Scale. Ailsa’s Travel Theme is Details.

I was out today playing with making double exposures in camera…when I looked at the images after I got home, I realized that they are chock full of details at scale. So I figured why not.


Here is my First attempt at scale:

Other details of scale:












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Scale – Last Lunar Eclipse of 2011…

3457508677_9173cb35be_bWhen one talks about Scale, one usually visualises images of people appearing to hold larger objects like holding up the ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’ (the examples are taken from google) or the ‘Qutab Minar’

However, one does not see things in a much more massive scale, like the relationship between the Earth with the Sun and the Moon, a scale that is gigantic and is seen best when there is a Solar or Lunar Eclipse. Given below is my post for the Last Lunar Eclipse of 2011, and all the photographs were taken by me at Delhi.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Scale.”

Clear skies and a early eclipse prompted a lot of shutter-bugs (photogs) to look to the skies to capture this beautiful phenomenon. Given the fact that most lunar eclipses that I know of usually happen late at night (around midnight) this was a lovely opportunity to shoot the lovely moon.


Normal moon photography is not too much of an issue, as the settings are more or less fixed,


but this was the first time I shot a Lunar Eclipse and it was a couple of hours of experimentation that went into the whole thing.  While the normal moon photographs like the one above and below were take with the following settings,

F/11, Shutter – 0.05 seconds (1/20), ISO – 400, focal length – 300 mm.


But these looked like photos of a normal moon, a bit orange – red coloured, but otherwise normal, while the moon i was seeing was awesome…. so once I tried to show the eclipse, as I was actual seeing it, I was stumped. Trying to get the parts in shadow meant that the lit part was over-exposed.


But persisted with different settings, and finally got some good pics….


Got a nice one of the total eclipse….


and finally the total eclipse….


And the return of light 🙂



My List of Top 3 Easter Holiday Ideas and Itineraries

Mia Musings

Panoramic view of Iles aux Cerfs Holiday on my mind

Easter is just 2 months away and if you are anything like me, I bet you are still looking for ideas! K and I never manage to book anything in advance – a month or two if its an international holiday or just a few weeks if its local. While not ideal in terms of saving money or getting good accommodations, we seem to manage without ruining things too much!

Trying to plan our Easter holiday (well in advance this time!), here are a few ideas worth thinking about:

1) Namibia

Exploring Southern Africa is my priority for 2015 and Namibia is a top contender. While South Africans and most of the usual ‘privileged’ countries do not need a visa to visit Namibia, Indians (and hence us), do. But this is hardly a deterrent when you think of the bigger picture – the starkness of the Namib desert…

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Visa-free travel for Indian passport holders

Lots of these places are on my bucket list 🙂

Mia Musings

Visa freeThere are times (not too often though), when I really envy those people (read Americans, British, Canadians, EU nationals, Singaporeans and a few others), who can just pick almost any destination off the world map, book tickets, hop on to a plane and be off. No pre-planning required, no gathering together of a long list of documents, no queuing up outside embassies and consulates and definitely no waiting with bated breath, fingers and toes crossed, hoping to see the all elusive visa stamp. But thankfully, despite these travails, the travel bug in K and me trumps each time and we continue to plan exciting holidays – with or without the visas!

However, occasionally there are situations when we have the holidays and the opportunity to travel, but not enough time to plan and apply for requisite visas – at least 2 months for Europe and longer for the US. The…

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Toy ships or ????

It was during my recent trip to Singapore when my wife was overwhelmed by the large number of ships at anchor outside the port….

It looked like a group game of battleships was going on, so tiny did these huge ocean liners look from the window of our aeroplane…

_MG_5205 _MG_5208

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Scale.”