Top 20 Things to do in Singapore: Explore the City of Delights!

Singapore Top 20

A glittery and dazzling affair, Singapore will make you fall in love with it each time you pay it a visit. The place is full of a variety of places to go; you can enjoy the city’s hustle-bustle or get some peace and quiet in the gardens; gorge on food or simply walk around and explore the city on your own.

Here are the top 20 things that you can do in Singapore:

  1. Visit China Town – The little red dot of Singapore, China Town is the place to be to see the traditions and culture of Singapore. People play Chinese chess here and eat Chinese food. So yes, it’s all Chinese! . Try the Ying Yang a rooftop bar also, in case you want to just chill after your visit here and would like to enjoy the fantastic view of China Town’s cultural vicinity .
  1. Lau Pa Sat Hawker market – Built…

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Thaipusam Festival, Tamil Communities Around The World – 3 February 2015

Thaipusam Festival, Tamil Communities Around The World – 3 February 2015.

Well written article on a little known festival outside Tamil Nadu…

Walking on Water

Beautiful composition….

Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Photo taken by contributor Ty Fitzgerald, a man who has been diagnosed with Bipolar II. Ty has a fondness for Lo-fi and Lux filters because they intensify shadows, highlights and colors. Such photos visually represent the way he sees the world, a little brighter and darker than he imagines those without bipolar disorder see the world.

About this photo: “This photo was taken in New Smyrna Beach, FL at sunset. A father and son were fishing and I managed to get a shot with just the son in it. The tide was coming in and there was water pooling all around him. When I dropped to the sand to take the shot, it looked like he was walking on water. I like this shot a lot because it has that “decisive moment” that Henri Cartier-Bresson described, where just a split second sooner or later, it would not have worked. I like to take photos of people when…

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First full moon of 2015

Man has always been fascinated by the moon. For eons, it has guided and  inspired travellers, scheduled our lives, whether it was for planting, fishing or migration. Several cultures and religions schedule theirMoon 05.01.15-0360-2 entire lives based on the moon with moon based calendars. Islam has most of its important festivals  scheduled based on the sighting of the moon.


Moon 05.01.15-0334Pagan and native religions have different names for moons that occur in different seasons and months of the year.

The moon in January is called the Wolf Moon, as it is named after the howling of wolf packs as they search for food during the cold winter conditions at this time of year.

Moon 05.01.15-0333

This full moon also coincided with Earth’s perihelion in its orbit around the sun.

Although the skies over Bangalore were cloudy today, one does not miss an opportunity to shoot such a lovely sight. As always, a photographers best friend is patience, and patience enabled me to get some great pics today.