Floral Art

I would love to try the techniques as well… thanks for sharing…

Emily Carter Mitchell ~ Nature as Art

Now that the spring bird migration has winded down and the days are getting hotter and buggier, it’s time to find a photography project that will keep me entertained.

Recently I’ve come across some beautiful floral art books. The first one is Seeing Flowers by Robert Llewellyn, and the second is Flower by Andrew Zuckerman. Andrew Zuckerman is an extremely talented photography and cinematographer with stunning work that goes beyond an image.

When watching this youtube video which is amazing in itself with the life of a flower synchronized with music, after being astounded the questions begin. However did he create this?

So of course, the challenge was set and I know I’ll never achieve the level of these two master floral photographers but I know I’ll have a great time learning how to create something similar.

Beginning with purchasing their two books, I am slowly beginning to study them…

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