How to stay fit while travelling

Beautiful tips…

Trail-stained Fingers

I returned looking several pounds lighter after a hectic, week-long exploration of London, the English countryside and dreamy Paris. ‘Hectic’ is obviously the key word here but travel doesn’t have to make you pile on the kilos, really. Food and indulgence is a major part of getting to know a new place and there’s no reason why you should have to give that up. I certainly don’t. But I can’t recall a single vacation that didn’t leave me looking more toned than I did before booking my tickets. Here’s how you can do it too.

1. Choose an active itinerary

A wanderer

Most people associate a relaxing vacation with a complete lack of activity but that doesn’t have to be the case every time. Walking is in fact the best way to truly get the feel of a city and stumble upon gems that might not have made it to maps and…

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Santosh Namby

A lover of Nature who loves photography and works as a Civil Servant, Santosh Namby Chandran has been a photographer for several years. Starting with a point and shoot 35mm film camera from canon to progressing to a film SLR and then a DSLR, his photographic journey has been a long one, filled with immense learning. Trained as an Ecologist and a Civil Servant, he merges his worlds and moves seamlessly though the corridors of power as well as overgrown jungles. An avid trekker and hiker, he has a penchant for shooting butterflies and birds...

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