Guest post of the week: Contraceptive responsibility- Whose call is it?

Kiran Manral

By Ramya Abhinand

She looked weak and tired. Four deliveries and two abortions had reduced her to a mere frame.

Sangeetha has been my domestic help for three years now, and the least I could do was to offer her a

cup of hot “chai” and hear her out.

As we sat sipping, I delicately framed the questions. “Sangeetha, are you aware of contraceptive

options?” She looked up with a face of guilt. “Didi”, she spoke in chaste Haryanvi, “I do have the

monthly pills that are freely distributed at the charitable hospital. But they make me feel so groggy that I

am unable to do my daily chores. And besides I often forget to have them in the night.”

“Have you spoken to a doctor about it? I am sure there are other options”, I said. Sangeetha replied,

“The doctor suggests surgery but that’s possible only after six months…

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