8 Scientific Explanations For How The Products You Use Every Day Actually Work

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1. Moisturizers

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You may have an idea that the moisturizer you use every day somehow adds moisture to your skin. I mean, lotions are marketed as moisturizers so why would you believe otherwise? Well, they don’t. Moisturizing lotions absolutely do not add any moisture to your skin whatsoever because your skin isn’t permeable in that way. You can’t just smear a moist substance on your skin and watch as it “absorbs” into your skin cells. That doesn’t happen. Here’s what actually happens.

Moisturizing lotions are typically made up of four kinds of agents:

  • Humectants are designed to pull moisture from the air and from the lower layers of your skin up into the top layer that you can actually see.
  • Occlusives are designed to form a barrier on your skin which will slow down the amount of water your skin loses to evaporation (think lotion…

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