5 Reasons To Travel Often

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“Travel young and travel often”

 Despite the long lines and even longer wait for departure, I really enjoy airports. I am always brought to a place of reflection during the hours leading up to my next adventure. I suppose it is a combination of anticipating  what is next and contentment with my present circumstances.

Just like every other airport wait, my mind began to ponder….. “Why do I choose to travel so often?”
My reasons are simple;

1. Travel anchors you in the now    Have you ever paid attention to how much the mind wanders?. It is constantly drifting, skipping between past and future thoughts. Worries of tomorrow, memories of yesterday or daydreams of what could be. On the contrary, evrty time I am travelling, I find myself consumed by every moment. There is something about being in a foreign place that anchors you in the present. Whether youre…

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Santosh Namby

A lover of Nature who loves photography and works as a Civil Servant, Santosh Namby Chandran has been a photographer for several years. Starting with a point and shoot 35mm film camera from canon to progressing to a film SLR and then a DSLR, his photographic journey has been a long one, filled with immense learning. Trained as an Ecologist and a Civil Servant, he merges his worlds and moves seamlessly though the corridors of power as well as overgrown jungles. An avid trekker and hiker, he has a penchant for shooting butterflies and birds...

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