Love a girl who cooks

I loved this post and want to share it 🙂

Black-eyed dreamer

You should love a girl who cooks. Love a girl who has fingers wet from washing vegetables under running water. Love a girl who knows the measure of a ‘pinch’ of salt and a ‘dash’ of pepper. She’s the one who can smell a pie and tell you that it definitely has nutmeg mace in it. She loves to cook for friends and family, and plans delicious surprises for the loved ones in her life. She can tell you how to easily scrape off a cake from the baking tray without messing up the edges. She’s the one whose heart swells up on seeing a well-baked pie. The one who will plan you a dinner on your birthday, and fill the table with dishes you didn’t even dream of. She’s the girl who charts your culinary dreams and colours your dietary fantasies. The one who decides that you will have…

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