Rani ki Vav(Queen’s Stepwell): Patan, Gujrat

Beautiful pics… would love to visit someday…

Astonishing India

Back from a long vacation recently, there was no agenda of another holiday. However a last-minute decision to join in a family get-together was the reason that we stayed overnight at Ahmedabad, Gujrat while returning from Pune. The next day being Sunday we were in no particular hurry to make it to Badmer, Rajasthan, our city of residence. I had heard about the step-well of Patan and since it was only a small detour away en-route to Barmer from Ahmedabad, I bugged Shashank, my husband till he agreed to drive till Patan on a condition that I would make a meal of his choice after reaching home!

Patan, known for Rani ki Vav and Patola Saris, is two and a half hour drive from Ahmedabad. Though I couldn’t convince Shashank to buy Patola silk sari for me but we did make it to the step-well.

Stepwells are water tanks which are reached by descending steps. These were built by digging deep trenches…

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