Visa-free travel for Indian passport holders

Lots of these places are on my bucket list 🙂

Mia Musings

Visa freeThere are times (not too often though), when I really envy those people (read Americans, British, Canadians, EU nationals, Singaporeans and a few others), who can just pick almost any destination off the world map, book tickets, hop on to a plane and be off. No pre-planning required, no gathering together of a long list of documents, no queuing up outside embassies and consulates and definitely no waiting with bated breath, fingers and toes crossed, hoping to see the all elusive visa stamp. But thankfully, despite these travails, the travel bug in K and me trumps each time and we continue to plan exciting holidays – with or without the visas!

However, occasionally there are situations when we have the holidays and the opportunity to travel, but not enough time to plan and apply for requisite visas – at least 2 months for Europe and longer for the US. The…

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Santosh Namby

A lover of Nature who loves photography and works as a Civil Servant, Santosh Namby Chandran has been a photographer for several years. Starting with a point and shoot 35mm film camera from canon to progressing to a film SLR and then a DSLR, his photographic journey has been a long one, filled with immense learning. Trained as an Ecologist and a Civil Servant, he merges his worlds and moves seamlessly though the corridors of power as well as overgrown jungles. An avid trekker and hiker, he has a penchant for shooting butterflies and birds...

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