The Canadian Rockies Day 10 – Sunrise Mountain Views, Larch in Snow, Nordegg and Whirlpool Point

Lovely pics…

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Snow fell overnight–an inch or two at lower elevations–on the night of Day 9 and into the morning of Day 10.  It was roughly 25 degrees (F) as we headed out in the pre-dawn darkness.  Our destination was a rock outcropping high above Abraham Lake, not far to the northeast of the lodge on Highway 11.

The cold felt worse as we waited because, as the ambient light rose, the prospects for a good sunrise were bleak.  The good news was that the fresh coating of snow–clearly more than just a couple of inches at the higher elevations–really looked good on the surrounding mountains.  The bad news?  It appeared that heavy cloud cover to the southeast was going to make sunrise a washout.  But just when I was about to give up on anything noteworthy, color began to appear in the sky.  Before long it became obvious that this was…

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